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Awards and certificates

The tradition of Jelovica proves that our wooden windows, doors and houses meet the highest quality standards.


Energy solutions

Jelovica offers a complete energy-efficient renovation service. Upon client’s request, we offer a wide range of solutions for renovation of houses.

Jelovica Group

The Jelovica Group is regarded as the leading Slovenian manufacturer of energy-efficient houses, windows and doors. It successfully sells its products in more than 25 world markets, exporting more than half of its entire production. The Group consists of four companies engaged in the manufacture and sale of energy-efficient houses, windows, doors and other joinery products. The Group’s production is organized in two factories, while Jelovica sales-service centres can be found throughout Slovenia.

Tradition, nature and quality dressed in modern design

Each Jelovica product goes through a technologically perfected and thoroughly controlled process of designing, manufacturing and selecting of chosen natural materials. Elegant design and professional planning combined with innovative solutions and natural materials result in houses, windows and doors of high quality. Modern technology, high-quality materials and stringent standards that Jelovica adheres to, ensure satisfaction of the most demanding customers.

On the path of a 100-year-old tradition to the top manufacturer of wooden houses, windows and doors
The Company’s long tradition proves that our innovations meet the highest quality standards and energy-efficiency requirements. We have gained reputation in the Slovenian as well as international markets. The Jelovica Group began to develop at the beginning of the last century from a wood trading company, and manufactures products known for their excellent quality as a result of rich experience in wood processing and knowledge of the natural properties of wood. The leading position among environmental-friendly and energy-efficient products is awards. The leading position of Jelovica among the manufacturers of environment-friendly and energy-efficient products is also demonstrated by awards received in the past.

• In 2009, the energy-efficient Jelovision wooden window received the award for the environmental product.
• At the DOM 2009 Fair, our Jelostar wooden window received the Star of Europe award. The award is presented by the Gospodarsko razstavišče (Exhibition and Convention Centre) and Wood Processing Association at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for the best building joinery product in the categories of exterior and interior building joinery.
• In 2011, Jelovica, as the first manufacturer in Slovenia, obtained the EC Certificate of Conformity, and thus it can label its wooden prefabricated houses, as well as windows, shutters and entrance doors, with the CE mark.
• For its high-quality installation of building joinery, Jelovica received the 2011 Quality Label in Construction awarded by the Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK.
• The energy efficiency of Jelovica houses is proven by the Swiss Minergie Certificate obtained in 2012 for a complex multi-unit/multi-storey house.

Jelovica Group’s vision
We want to become a leading manufacturer of modern houses and their components that are energy-efficient, environment-friendly, easy to maintain and made from ecologically acceptable materials. We endeavour for the joint creation of a concept of living based on energy efficiency, comfort, sustainability, well-being and quality of living. We want our actions to have a positive impact on the environment in which we operate, and to contribute to the sustainable development of the society.

We want to continue the success story of the Jelovica Group as the creators of guidelines in the field of energy-efficient houses, windows and doors.

Operating foundations
Energy-efficient prefabricated houses, windows and doors are distinguished by the harmony of modern design and revolutionary technological solutions. Each product is the result of many years of development, design and respect for tradition.
In Jelovica, we create modern, fresh life style in harmony with nature. Jelovica houses and building joinery are renowned for their design, ranging from the most contemporary to classic/rustic shapes.
Innovative technological solutions in the field of energy efficiency are Jelovica’s reality and the answer to future demands.
We use natural, human-friendly and environment-friendly materials and coating systems. We are aware of the importance of living environment for health and well-being of each individual. Jelovica houses, windows and doors are made of wood - a natural material with many positive characteristics.

Our foundations are based on the rich tradition, while our vision is directed towards the future. We strive for sustainable development of the company and joint creation of a concept of living based on comfort, energy efficiency and respect for the environment.

Goals of the Jelovica Group
Our goal is to provide customers with high-quality, modern, energy-efficient and environment and nature friendly products. Close cooperation with recognized national (ZRMK, ZAG) and foreign institutions (IFT, PTE in Rosenheim, Institute in Graz, OTTO GRAF Institute in Stuttgart) serves as an additional proof that our products will meet the demands and expectations of most demanding customers. The quality of our products that has been proven by various awards and certificates was also affirmed by the international ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate awarded to us already in 1996, which guarantees a complete quality management system, from development, procurement and production to the sale of products.
Our goal is to establish dedication and satisfaction of employees, and to develop their responsibility for achieving business goals and respecting our values.

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